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We're a super-friendly, madly-in-love husband and wife team providing premium portrait photography services to busy professionals in California and beyond. We strongly believe in the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously. ;]




Code monkey Primary "Hobby" Emergency medicine doctor
INTJ Personality Type ENFJ
Westport, Connecticut Hometown San Diego, California
70-200mm f/2.8 zoom Favorite Lens U l t r a w i d e -- anything 35mm or wider
Squash Icky Food Pickles
Sweet Mint Orbit Gum Item of Trivial Value
That I Can't Live Without
My neon orange water bottle
Golf Physical Activity of Choice Yoga / Spinning
Ender's Game
(runner-up: Harold and the Purple Crayon)
Best Book I've Ever Read The Giving Tree
Blue corn tortilla chips Current Addiction Fro-yo
Amazon.com Favorite Store Trader Joe's
Bubba Watson A Celebrity I Don't Dislike Tina Fey
  1. I was born in Texas (no accent, whew!)
  2. My favorite sport is curling
  3. I love having breakfast for dinner
Three Random Things
About Me
  1. I teach kickboxing
  2. I'm not a coffee drinker
  3. I like to dance around the living room :]

Austin circa 1987 Alicia circa 1987   Austin circa 2009 Alicia circa 2009
Austin & Alicia, circa 1987   Still doing what we love today!   ;]