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The McCarthy Family

The McCarthy family will always hold a special place in my heart for being the gracious and patient "test subjects" for our very first portrait session. They are easygoing and so fun to work with, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph their family again this year.

Their daughter, Cate, is still cute as a button and growing up so quickly! And you can't tell from these pictures, but they will have another addition to their family in the spring!

Enjoy the images, and Happy Thanksgiving! :]

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The Mount Family

Kristy is one of Alicia's good friends at Stritch, and she and her husband, Jim, live near us in La Grange. Their two and a half year old son, Jimmy, is currently a big fan of trains, so we decided to do their family portrait session at the tiny local "Choo Choo Park," as Jimmy calls it. (I consulted Google Maps but couldn't find an official name for it...so perhaps Jimmy is right.) ;]

We had so much fun capturing Jimmy in his element -- playing train conductor, going down the slides, getting super excited about wearing stickers, and learning to "pump" his legs on the swings. The Mount Family is so fun-loving, and I think that comes through in these images. Kristy, Jim, and Jimmy -- thank you for spending the morning with us! :]

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The Doobay Family

Amy is a doctor at Loyola, and she bid on and won our portrait photography package that we donated to Stritch's ISI fundraising auction. She and her husband, Chad, have adorable twin boys, Luke and Oliver, who were 11 months old at the time of our session. The Doobays were so friendly and welcoming, and really made us feel at home in their home. We feel so fortunate to have met their family! :]

In case you're having trouble telling the twins apart, Amy and Chad have a clever color-coding system -- Luke wears blue, and Oliver wears green. ;]

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Jamie + Brent — Riverwalk Park Engagement Session

Brent is a med school classmate of Alicia's at Stritch, and a medium-format film (read "old school") photographer on the side. He and his fiancée, Jamie, know and appreciate quality photography, so we were flattered when he expressed interest in having us shoot their engagement photos! :]

We were originally supposed to do Jamie and Brent's e-session at IKEA. We had arranged to have the store to ourselves for over an hour before opening, but unfortunately IKEA had to cancel at the last minute. So on Brent's suggestion, we headed off to Riverwalk Park in Naperville instead.

It was Alicia's and my first time at Riverwalk, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it is a veritable playground for photography! There are dozens of mini environments all within the park limits -- trees galore, nature trails, gazebos, bridges, playgrounds, a carillon (huge bell tower), a river (obviously), and even a beach! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun exploring.

Jamie and Brent -- we had the most wonderful time doing your e-session! We're so bummed that we can't make it to your wedding in San Luis Obispo later this month, but hopefully we can do a post-wedding session (at IKEA?) when you return. Enjoy the photos! :]

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