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Rebuilding Together

Each year, the Stritch M1s choose a class service project, and this year's cause was Rebuilding Together (similar to Habitat for Humanity). Saturday, April 24 was the organization's National Rebuilding Day, and about forty Stritch students (and some of their loved ones) converged on two houses to undertake various renovation projects.

The house to which we were assigned was in Berwyn and is owned by Luiz -- a super sweet Hispanic grandmother who has her cat and several of her grandchildren living with her. A couple of skilled electricians replaced some light fixtures and electrical outlets, and the rest of our unskilled (construction-wise) crew did a lot of interior painting. The house looked great when we were finished, if I do say so myself. :] Kudos to Jen, Luke, and the other house captains who put in a lot of work organizing this event!

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Bunny Dash

The "Bunny Dash" is an annual 5K race on the trails of the Deer Grove East Forest Preserve in Palatine, IL, followed by a one mile "youth dash" and a "100-yard egg dash". It was raining on the morning of the race, but the dreary day didn't dampen the determination of the dashers!

Our good friends Andrew and Ioanna (in the image below) were visiting from St. Louis, and several of Alicia's Stritch classmates were in attendance as well. Our friend Brian won 2nd place overall (out of 560 racers, with a time of 17:54), and our friend Caroline finished her first 5K race ever. A big congrats to both of you! :]

Congressional-hopeful Bob Dold (R) was also in attendance with his entourage to campaign for his very close 10th District race against Dan Seals (D) coming up in November. (I'm going to keep this blog friendly by keeping my ardent political beliefs to myself.) ;] Mr. Dold and I had a nice little chat about photography after he came up to me and expressed interest in my fancy camera. (Kudos to my camera, by the way, which got soaked in the rain but performed like a champ the entire time. Great weather sealing on the D700!)

The 100 yard egg dash was CRAAAAAZY!!! I have never seen so many plastic eggs disappear so quickly! In short, a good time was had by all despite the weather at the 2010 Bunny Dash!

Lawson Kurtz - April 28, 2010 - 22:21

Be careful shooting in the rain with the D700. I had heard that the new Nikons have great weather sealing, and was therefore not concerned by shooting a football match in the rain. Next thing you know I’m holding a D3 that needs a $1,500 repair.

admin - April 29, 2010 - 00:09

Lawson — bummer about that, but thanks for the heads up. Where did the water get into the D3, and with which lens were you shooting? The most vulnerable spot is the lens mount, so the lens makes a huge difference. On this day I was shooting with the new 70-200 VR II lens, which is claimed to have a very water-resistant mount. I hope that’s true! It held up during those few hours, although it wasn’t exactly a monsoon out there…

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While we were in D.C. for Alicia's AMA conference, our good friends, Catie and Chris, were nice enough to let us stay at their house in Baltimore. They were such great hosts! Catie even made homemade English muffin breakfast sandwiches...nom nom! :]

We had a great time catching up, watching the Olympics, enjoying good company, and taking many pictures of their adorable dog, Gatsby. Catie's mom, Shana, was also visiting from California, and I got to do a mini photo session of the two of them down by the reservoir.

Catie and Chris -- thank you so much for letting us stay with you, and sorry this blog post is so late! Hopefully we'll see you again soon!

Leah Patrice - May 9, 2010 - 19:43

Austin – Love, love, love all of your photos. Perhaps we can set something up for you to photograph my little critters?

Leah Patrice

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Stritch M1 vs. M2 Basketball Game

It seems that M1s will jump (pun intended) at any chance to let M2s prove their athletic superiority over them, and this year's annual M1 vs. M2 basketball game was no exception. Actually, two games were played -- first, the "B" team engaged in a lawless, no-holds-barred game of streetball, and then the "A" team hit the court and let professional refs settle their disputes. A good time was had by all, and no one was seriously injured this time.

Keep an eye out on Facebook for upcoming photos from Jen Heim -- another pro photog on the sidelines!

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