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After Kayla and John's wedding festivities, we had a few days to experience the beauty of Maui and take some photos. My brother (and second photographer), Lawson, was accompanied by his girlfriend, Wendy -- and my cousin, Travis, and his girlfriend, Emmy, also came along. (Whew -- that was a lot of commas!) Emmy is an aerial dance instructor and runs Iluminar Aerial with Travis in Colorado. They were great sports and did some awesome poses in some of the most beautiful spots on the island!

Unfortunately, this trip ended somewhat tragically for me... While touring the Road to Hana, I took a nasty slip down a hill, breaking my ankle in three places. After a 90 minute drive to the ER and two loooong flights home in a splint, I had an ORIF surgery (thanks, Dr. Summers!) followed by several months of rehabilitation. Thankfully it happened towards the end of our trip, and I am pretty much back to normal now. :]

I hope you enjoy these glimpses of Maui!

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